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We’re operating a brand new platform this year. Everything should be simple and straight-forward, but hopefully if you have a problem the answer will be here, and if not then please email.

The player says "we are having some problems playing the stream" (or similar)
The stream may not have started yet — we go live to air approximately 20 minutes before broadcast.
I can only see some text about iPad streams - but I'm on a computer?
Check that your browser and flash installations are up to date. We recommend Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 or above. Update flash here.
Is this website secure?
Two things here: 1. Our site is running at - if you can see this and the "https" it means all communication between the browser and our website is secured, and 2. We have two payment mechanisms: "Stripe" or Paypal. Both of these payment transactions are fully secured.
How do I get help - can I phone someone?
No, unfortunately the best way to get an answer is to email - generally if there's an issue with the stream you can be sure we know about it already. Usually refreshing your player page is the best and first way to deal with any problems. Search online for "how to clear my browser cache" also helps cure most ills.